Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Dear Adam,
I'm lazy. I will have many times that I don't update this thing like I'm supposed to. But I'm trying to keep on keeping on because of your unwavering and relentless support. I'm not calling you a nagger. Certainly not calling you that.
You tell me I should write and sometimes I have nothing to say. I have plenty to say when I call you 5 times a day (I'm surprised that your lady doesn't hate me).
So I thought, maybe, I should just write a letter to you.
Marsupials. I always wondered if it was gross inside their skin pockets. I bet so. I bet they never wash inside of there. Disgusting.
See? Lazy.

If I would have changed one letter in this post, it would have become offensive. Now I have my O.
Ha. Wakka wakka.

Okay. Now back to my homework mountain and cramming for finals.


PS. My next letter will be better. I promise.

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